Boost Play Features & Coupons


Each Boost Spot’s QR code will launch a game when you scan it using the Play button. By completing each game, you get Boost Coupons depending on your game score.

Free Rewards

Each Boost Spot allows you to choose from 3 types of free rewards to collect using your Boost Coupons:

   1. Boost Spot items

   These are items sold at that Boost Spot. You can only collect these items only when you play games at that Boost Spot.

   2. Data reloads

   These are data top-up vouchers which you can unlock within the app. These can be collected from any Boost Spot.

   3.Boost prizes

   These are special prizes from Boost. These can be collected from any Boost Spot.

Introduce a Buddy

You can earn extra Boost Coupons when you introduce a friend to Boost. Make sure your friend uses your referral code when they register their account – they will get extra Boost Coupons too.

Boost Penjual Features & Coupons


Contact the Boost team today if you wish to list some of your products as Boost Coupon items.


Review all customer activity in your store and request settlements easily from the Boost Team.


Get 100 Boost Cuan every time you introduce a new merchant or a new customer to Boost. Collect your Boost Cuan for a surprise merchant loyalty programme coming soon!


Want to print more QR codes to put in your store? QR code in your store is damaged? Simply download the QR code within the merchant app and print more copies for greater customer engagement!