Boost Play Tutorial

How do I begin? Find a Boost Spot, scan the QR code, and start playing to earn free rewards!

Step 01

Go to a Boost Spot

A Boost Spot is any shop with a Boost QR code. You can see the locations of all available Boost Spots via “Find nearby Boost Spots”. Currently only available in Bali.

Step 03

Scan the Boost Spot’s QR code

Press the Play button on your Home screen to launch the QR scanner, then scan the Boost Spot’s QR, usually located near the cashier. Then, start playing!

Step 03

Start collecting a free reward with Boost Coupons

Depending on your score, you will get 5 or 20 Boost Coupons. Choose which free reward you would like to collect with your Boost Coupons! To unlock a free reward, finish collecting the full amount of Boost Coupons. You can see all free rewards in My Vouchers.

Step 06

Some game rules!

You can only play 5 times per day at each Boost Spot. In between each game at that Boost Spot, you will have to wait 15 minutes. You have a daily limit of 20 games per day.

Boost Penjual Tutorial

Step 01

Download the Boost Penjual App from Google Play Store

Step 02

Fill in the details of your store. Registration is absolutely free.

Step 03

Print out the QR code for your store and place it at the counter of your store

Step 04

Promote Boost to your customers to get the best rewards and benefits. Remember to provide your referral code!

Boost Penjual Video Tutorial